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Byggnads voice bots covered in Telekom Idag

  • 1 min read

The trade union Byggnads is working actively to modernise and improve service towards its more than 100,000 members. For that purpose, they are building smart voice and online services using Telia ACE. They’re already up and running with chatbots on their website but are now looking at multilingual voice bots for next level service.

The leading Swedish business magazine Telekom Idag takes a look at the initiative in an article published the other week. They write, among other things.

”Byggnads has chosen the Telia ACE platform for its project and thanks to Telia collaborating with Google, they have access to the CCAI platform with support for a number of languages
Another exciting feature is that the software can interpret in real time between different spoken languages.”

If you are a subscriber, the full article can be read here: Därför bygger Byggnads flerspråkiga röstbotar (in Swedish and requires login)

Nicklas Mattson, unit head and responsible for the project, will participate at the Connect event on November 24 to tell you more. You can also check out Nicklas presentation when he spoke at ACE & Friends last spring: