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Two more years of ACE Knowledge for Avanza Bank

  • 1 min read

Avanza isn’t just a popular bank for trading stocks and funds. They’re also really good at serving their 1,700,000 customers with up-to-date, easily accessible and high-quality information on their website using the ACE Knowledge knowledgebase.

Quick updates with new content help offload customer service staff, typically when market events trigger new questions about savings, trading and wealth management. This has made Avanza one of Telia’s largest customers on the platform. Over the past twelve months, there have been about five million pageviews in ACE Knowledge.

Avanza has now chosen to extend their trust in Telia and has signed a new agreement for another two years of running ACE Knowledge. A new feature is that Avanza gets a named contact person at Telia for easy access to product expertise when developing their service. This is in line with Telia’s ambition to create, preserve and develop long-term customer relationships.

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