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Telia ACE and generative AI

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Are you curious about what we at Telia ACE do in the field of generative AI? If so, you might be interested in a webinar we held recently. Anders Lindvall, Head of Product Design and Måns Molin, Product Manager AI and Self-Service hosted the webinar on Telia ACE and generative AI where they, in a powerful demonstration, could show just how humanlike, empathetic and flexible generative AI can be.

Generative AI, often in the form of ChatGPT, is a disruptive technology that has the power o change the way we work in contact centers using more powerful self-service tools.

We believe that you will be as impressed as we are. The results from our early tests have already impressed our seasoned colleagues who have worked extensively with speech technology and language understanding.

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry, we recorded it for you. Should you speak Swedish you might also like to know that there is a Swedish version of presentation and demonstration. The live chat is, however, only available in the full version of the webinar which was in English.

Telia ACE and generative AI (English)

Telia ACE and generative AI (Swedish)

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