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Beata Nylén took the stage at Google’s generative AI Event, showcasing Telia’s solutions

  • 1 min read

In an event hosted by Google on the advancements in generative AI, Beata Nylén, Head of Conversational Solutions and Analytics at Telia, took stage to discuss Telia’s initiatives in generative AI.

Although chatbots, IVR:s and smart knowledge bases are nothing new to Telia ACE, the possibilities with the emerging generative AI tools have changed the way we see the future for the customer meeting as Beata demonstrated a natural language voice bot using generative AI and existing content.

Earlier this year, Beata and her team created a natural language voice bot in just a couple of minutes using existing content from a web site ( Visit the ACE Roadshow page where you can find all demos from the day or listen to the demo here.

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