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Insights from trade union Byggnads successful AI-chatbot launch

  • 3 min read

The Trade union Byggnads has long utilized the Telia ACE Knowledge service, giving them a head start in today’s AI-driven landscape where access to updated and structured data is crucial for delivering effective services. Just over a week ago, they took the leap and integrated generative AI into their chatbot at, using their structured data in ACE Knowledge as the single source of information.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Nicklas Mattson, Unit Manager and Product Owner for the ACE platform at the trade union Byggnads. Nicklas shared his experiences following the recent launch of their Telia ACE GPT-powered chatbot.

“The implementation was as swift as a sneeze.”

Can You Share Your Perspective on the Launch

The results have exceeded our expectations. Compared to the process of creating and implementing our previous bot, this launch was remarkably fast and the implementation was as swift as a sneeze. We designed the bot using the new admin interface, making sure it looked familiar to our members so they would easily recognize it. We actually went straight into live mode and skipped the test phase completely.

A Bold Move – How Did It Turn Out?

While we’ve faced some challenges, we’ve managed them effectively by tweaking the data. We have also reduced the response length of answers which has resulted in clearer, more concise answers. Additionally, limiting the number of knowledge articles the chatbot takes into consideration has made it more reliable and confident in its responses.

What Feedback Have You Received from your members?

Interestingly, we’ve received no feedback from our members, which suggests that the only noticeable change for them has been receiving more human-like answers. We will of course follow up on this but the experience today, when we have polished the chatbot for a week, is that there is a human on the other side of the chat window. An employee like everyone else, simply.

Would You Recommend the chatbot to others?

Absolutely. It’s incredibly quick and easy to get started. Even without a pre-existing knowledge base or FAQ, building one with the new technology available is fast and easy, allowing you to quickly catch up.

What’s Next?

We plan to integrate a survey into the chatbot in order to gather members’ feedback. We also hope to enhance the chatbot’s capabilities to interpret and display images. Evaluating the cost compared to our previous solution is also on our agenda.

Furthermore, we’re currently working on an exciting internal AI project. Our goal is to leverage ACE Knowledge to create a chatbot capable of interpreting collective agreements. We believe this enhancement will significantly improve our service to our members.

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